Dodson Gazebo Project Experiences Delays

At first, it was lack of materials.

Now, a missing worker is holding up the completion of the metal gazebo in front of Dodson cafeteria.

The contractor Western hired to complete the project contracted with a subcontractor who is the source of the difficulty, according to Andrew Comrie, director of WCU’s Physical Plant.

“We are having difficulty with the brick mason,” said Comrie.

The brick mason has failed to show up to work on several occasions.

“He was supposed to be here today and last week, but I haven’t seen him,” said Comrie. “If it were legal to make someone work, I would.”

This time of the year, Comrie said, brick masons are difficult to find, at least for projects of this sort.

“We are trying to get the original brick mason to finish because he placed the existing concrete benches and brick,” said Comrie.

Once the brick work is completed, the pavilion will go up. The idea behind the pavilion is to draw the attention of students and others and have a central place for them to gather.

Other additions and improvements around and in Dodson include a covered walkway leading into Dodson, new entry doors, replacement of lights, installation of carpeting, a new paint job, and drop ceiling.

Money from the cafeteria maintenance fund was used for this $200,000 project.