Fiske Sentence Leads to Disrespect for Judicial System


That’s right folks, here is the formula proven to work if you decide to murder your child:

Step I: Carry child to term which consists of 36 weeks, 3 trimesters (252 days.)

Step II: Have a beautiful baby girl then smother her to death. Dump body.

Step III: Look as haggard as possible. Wear no makeup. Plead temporary insanity or better yet, have your friends, church members, and family plead your case as an upstanding citizen saying that you couldn’t have done such a thing and that it was just a one time incident.

Step IV: Final step if step three looks weak. Go ahead and say that you did it. Give all the gory details. The District Attorney will then reason that he will not have to spend the tax payers’ money for a trial supposedly based on the premise that if the case had gone to trial, that the public wouldn’t prosecute based on sympathy. Go to jail for 8 years or less (probably the latter), have the tax payers pay for your treatment and /or career training. Be released back into the public.

This is the way that the 21st century justice system is working benefit the people!?

Christina Marie Fiske relinquished her rights as a human being when she killed Jessica Nicole Fiske. Think about this: Jessica will never take her first step, have a first day of school, be a girl scout, or graduate from high school or college, but the woman who gave birth to her was given the opportunity to reach some of these milestones in life. Little Jessica was given NO opportunity. I wonder what the father of little Jessica thinks about all of this?

I have heard a phase being used to sum up the judicial system of the United States which says, “Money talks and bull s–t walks”. I once had some respect for the judicial system . . .

Darylene BrownWCU 98’ Honor Alumni & Staff member

Questions to Ponder:Why does the goverment uphold the Death tax? When you die they tax your estate before your family gets a shot at it.