Where Do We Go From Here?

Like many students here at Western, I have closely followed Christina Fiske’s murder trial for killing her newborn daughter. I have read countless articles in the Western Carolinian, Sylva Herald, and the Asheville Citizen-Times about this terrible situation.

As I have read the articles, I wonder what I would have done if I were in the same situation. Like Ms. Fiske, I am an unmarried student from a small town. I am guessing that she is probably around 22 years old, just like me.

If I were in this type of situation, I know exactly what I would have done. If I had found out I was pregnant, I know exactly who I would have turned to. About the same time Ms. Fiske’s child was born, my aunt and uncle were trying to adopt a child. If I were to have become pregnant, I would have been able to call them and ask them if they would take in my child. They would have gladly said yes because of how much they wanted a child.

Unfortunately, not everyone has an aunt and uncle who are looking to adopt. If I didn’t, I don’t know what my next step would have been. I guess Ms. Fiske felt she could not find anyone who could take care of her baby.

Instead of discussing what a terrible person Ms. Fiske is and what a terrible tragedy this is and how disappointed we feel by the judicial system, lets discuss how we can prevent this type of situation from happening again.

North Carolina is currently considering an abandoned baby bill. Under the bill, women would be allowed to leave babies less than fifteen days old at designated safe places. The people at the safe place take temporary custody, notify the department of Social Services, and do anything that is needed to protect the health and well-being of the baby.

There are tons of people looking to adopt babies and tons of people not being able to take care of their own.

These are just a couple of things that can be done to prevent another baby dying before it has a chance to live.

Thank you,

Melissa Malkin