Is It Safe To Walk Yet?

Dear Editor:

Pedestrian have the right a way, right? NO, here at WCU there are some people that do not understand the concept of stopping at a crosswalk. Have you ever been at a crosswalk, and had someone fly by you as if you were not there? I know I’m not the only one that this has happened too. I think people need to realize what crosswalks are for, Pedestrians! They are supposed to be safe places for people to cross the road, but do you really feel safe? I’m sure there have been many of times when you have tried to cross the road but could not due to cars not stopping. If you keep on walking and the cars have to stop they honk their horn at you or say something rude out the window, because it is supposedly your fault for them having to stop even though they should stop and yield to you. What is the point in having a designated place for people to cross the road if it is no safer then if they cross some place where there is no crosswalk? I think the biggest problem is at night, it is dark, and most people do not wear bright colored clothing so it is hard to see them. There have been many incidents where I have witnessed someone trying to cross the road at night when cars fly by and almost hit the person all because they do not take time to look out for pedestrians or slow down. When you approach a crosswalk you should slow down to see if there is anyone waiting and even if there is not you should still proceed with caution.

Sincerely,Holly Graham