Day: March 20, 2001


Suspected Car Thief Arrested in Florida

A male non-student from Jackson County was arrested last Wednesday in Tallahassee, Florida, in connection with a car that was reported stolen from the Helder parking lot. On March 9, a female student reported that her car, a 1993 Chevrolet Lumina, was missing from Helder. University Police drew up a […]


Hook’s Going to Kansas City… Kansas City, Here Hook Comes

KANSAS CITY, MO – Despite the recent turn of events down on Buzzer Beater Blvd. in downtown Upset City–-which by the way is a suburb of Bracketville—-I still say that the Atlantic Coast Conference is the toughest and best basketball conference in all of NCAA hoops. Yes, that statement might […]


WCU Holds Track and Field Invitational

Fresh off of a top three finish for both the men and women in the Southern Conference Championships, Western held the WCU Track and Field Invitational Saturday, March 17. The Catamounts competed against Southern Conference foes such as East Tennessee State, Wofford, Furman, and the Citadel as well as a […]


Hook’s Wrestling Report?From One Extreme to Another

KNOXVILLE, TN – Now, I know what you’re already thinking: “Doesn’t the Carolinian already have a column devoted to the sports-entertainment phenomenon called professional wrestling?” And the answer is a resounding “Yes!” The artist known to the valley as Servo has been covering the professional ranks of wrestling for the […]


Odds & EndsA Mid-Major Pain in the…

CHICAGO, Ill. — If you want to read something warm and fuzzy about Hampton, Indiana State and Utah State reaching the second round of the NCAA Tournament, you should turn your eyes away from the next 631 words. Words cannot express how much I detest “Mid-Major” and everything the term […]


Servo’s Wrestling ReportA Couple More Bite the Dust

Well, ladies and gentlemen, it has finally happened. After two years of mediocre shows and lackluster ratings, Turner Broadcasting is pulling the plug on the World Championship Wrestling shows. Both Nitro and Thunder will no longer be seen on Turner stations (TNT and TBS) after next week. That’s not the […]


Just Change the Damn Channel

It confuses me how someone can be so offended by something that means nothing to them. Why is is that people in this world always feel the need to slander something that many other people enjoy, just because they do not approve of it. If pro wrestling offends you so […]


Student Comments On Workload

Dear Editor: This week is the final week before spring break. The thing that makes this week one of the most feared weeks is the tons of work that is thrown at students. One thing that makes it so much different is the fact that the kids can’t wait to […]


Is It Safe To Walk Yet?

Dear Editor: Pedestrian have the right a way, right? NO, here at WCU there are some people that do not understand the concept of stopping at a crosswalk. Have you ever been at a crosswalk, and had someone fly by you as if you were not there? I know I’m […]