Local Pizzeria ‘Not Worth Ordering’

Dear Editor

Little Caesar’s is incapable and irresponsible business at night. I have interviewed people that work there, and they have informed me that Little Caesar’s mess up orders every night. My resources have also told me that they may mess up between two to four orders on any given night. I have experienced Little Caesar’s “mess-ups.” Little Caesar’s has lost my order once this semester and messed up my order three times. Little Caesar’s are not worth ordering from. It takes them approximately 1-½ hours, sometimes more, to deliver your food, and they are on campus. Dominoes and GJ’s take about 30 minutes or less, and they have a much longer way to travel. Dominoes and GJ’s pizza are a lot better than Little Caesar’s as far as quality is concerned. They don’t have excess amounts of flour on the bottom of their pizzas and they don’t use excess amounts of sauce and then very small amounts of cheese and meat. Not only that. This is where it gets interesting. Some of us have even heard of a law that prohibits state colleges and universities from having commercial businesses, such as Little Caesar’s and Chic-Fil-A. It affects the local businesses, and therefore the local economy. So just remember that the next time your hungry for pizza and don’t feel like waiting for 1 to 2 hours for it. Try Domino’s or GJ’s, you will be more content with their food quality and service.

Sincerely,Kyle Raess