Servo’s Wrestling ReportShane O’Mac Steals Page from Dad’s Playbook… And I Won Karaoke

I was originally going to devote this week’s article on my predictions for Wrestlemania, bid a fond farewell to WCW on Turner Broadcasting, and hopefully give some news on the PWF. However, an e-mail I received Friday morning changed all of that.

Even though reports have said that WWF was in the top spot to purchase WCW, the reality didn’t set in until I read those infamous words on my e-mail account. “WWF has just purchased WCW!” My jaw dropped. I felt a little lightheaded, and thousands of thoughts jumped throughout my head.

What could the implications be of such a buyout? Will the WCW remain its own entity, or will it be completely merged with WWF? What is the future of WCW’s huge stable of stars? What will Monday night be like?

Monday night came, and I was on pins and needles. I had read that Vince McMahon was going to address WWF and WCW in an unprecedented simulcast on both TNN and TNT. I was expecting Vince to just state what the future of WCW was going to be, but instead I was treated to one of the most intriguing story lines in the history of professional wrestling. Vince played the part of the selfish, greedy, egotistical tyrant to perfection as he told the WWF crowd in Cleveland, the WCW crowd in Panama City, and the millions around the world that WCW was going to be stripped, buried, and all talent fired.

The McMahon family music hit, and everyone in Cleveland turned to the entrance way. Shane McMahon appeared, but not to the live crowd in Ohio, but to the WCW crowd in Florida. It seems that Shane bought WCW right out from under the nose of his father. Shane vowed that WCW will continue to survive, and that Shane will make sure that WCW will provide the caliber of competition that beat out WWF in the ratings war oh so many years ago.

So many of my questions were answered Monday night. It looks like WCW will still be on TV. There is no word yet what network will carry the show or when it will return to television. Since WCW will still be a separate entity, WCW’s roster will remain intact, although some cutbacks will probably be made.

But what is the future of this new ownership? Can you say inter-federation wars? How many of you wrestling fans would like to see Booker T team up with The Rock to face Triple H and Scott Steiner? Or maybe The Hardy Boyz against Rey Mysterio Jr. and Kidman? Or how many PPVs would be sold to see a main event between Steve Austin and Goldberg?

There are many WCW fans who object to this buyout, and I can respect their animosity. However, who better to own WCW than a company that can save the struggling federation? WWF has a tendency to listen to what the fans want and whom the fans want. WCW recycled story lines (mostly copied from WWF), buried stars, and simply dug themselves a hole that only McMahon could pull them out of.

Could another company have done the same? I don’t think so.

So sit back, relax, and watch what develops. I seriously doubt any wrestling fan will be disappointed.

In PWF news, weather and illness have kept the hometown wrestlers from Cullowhee from kicking each other’s respective rears in the sand. Hopefully, Wednesday night will mark the return of the PWF to the Reynolds volleyball court around 9:30 pm.

Servo Sez: I am a regular to J. Edwards on Thursday nights for karaoke. Yes, Servo enjoys singing popular songs with words on a screen. And evidently I’m not that bad. Just last Thursday, J. Edwards started a weekly karaoke competition, and I just happened to win. It’s going to be a regular thing with the winner receiving a cash prize of around $100. There’s a $1.00 cover, and it starts around 10 pm, so if anyone wants to see me sing some songs or if you’re just in it for the money, come on by.