Student Calls for Revolutionary Movement

Dear Editor (or anyone for that matter):

My sole purpose for my article, outside of entertainment, was to motivate people to voice their opinions. And it looks as if I damn sure did! Wow WCU I didn’t really think anyone cared about this school anymore than the people running it. (remember: the people who get all the money we never see.) It is awesome to see that there is actually a sense of hope left in the students here at Western, I only wish that the motivational factors expressed could somehow be used to start some type of Coalition or Revolutionary movement. You know like the things you hear about in the news where the students made a stand for their beliefs and they weren’t afraid to express their feelings and desire for a change. It is not out of reach. When enough people voice their opinions of major issues such as, the food here, the boredom, blah, blah, blah, then sooner or later something will happen. But unless we take action as a GROUP then nothing will ever be accomplished and things will remain on a steady road to nowhere.

I understand that the main attraction of the article was most clearly the drugs, and the alcohol, and the partying, but outside of the artificial happiness that comes from those things (that happens to be a hell ova lot of fun) I guess there are a lot of other things to do here. i.e.(outdoor activities) And its easy to sit back and complain about issues at hand that govern our small, narrow minded, student body and faculty. But how do you motivate people to take action about things when no one feels that anything can be done. In fact if it all boils down to it, I honestly don’t think we could support an organization that came here. Not freakin’ Hooters, but like a nice restaurant like Applebee’s or Chilli’s would be key to a new beginning of social life here at Western. Imagine walking out of Forsyth across the street in between classes into Chilli’s or TGIFridays. It would be the $h!#. (I said Hooters to get a reaction…..come to think of it I said a lot to get a reaction, if you have to step on a few people’s toes in the process then so be it, oh well it worked.) It’s somewhat appealing to sit back and read the response of a Miss Lydia Simpson, she too had a valid argument in telling me that people actually came here to “LEARN” and you know I never really realized that.(sarcasm) I always envisioned college as a huge orgy with lots of beer and pot. (no, not really) Come on Lydia, admit that it would be great if outside the classroom activities included options like nicer restaurants and maybe a dance club. Damn I miss dancin’, and I ain’t even any good. And as for you Dave Marriott, it was evident that you obviously had a personal vendetta with Mr. Harkins, he must have really pissed you off. Oh well, I’m about to graduate next semester, yeah that’s why I haven’t transferred, and I hope that you guys can make due with what you have to work with, enjoy it!

Peace,Matthew D. Kennedy

P.S. I don’t give a damn about you guys 250 word limit, we need these responses published in order to gain acceptance through the “higher powers” governing this school. Please allow the people to continue to respond without limits. Thanks.