Accusation ‘turns life upside down’

I am writing this letter in response to the trend of how campus life is lived. This is my story and it is a tale of mystery, intrigue, injustice and woe. I transferred into WCU an accomplished student with letters of recognition, service awards and leadership positions under my belt. I was an active student that got involved in a fraternity, the SGA and Brother Peace. I worked in the Office of Student Affairs and another department on campus. I thought I was on my way. Suddenly the day before finals (Last Semester) my world was turned upside down. I was accused of assaulting a fellow student in the computer lab Forsyth 320. A complaint was filed and a warrant served. The Director of Public Safety Chief Gene McAbee conducted an exhausting investigation and interviewed over 29 students who were in the lab at the time of the assault. Not a single student could substantiate claims of any wrongdoing. One might think that after an investigation in which 29 persons are interviewed and no proof was found than that would be the end of the story right? Well, No friends that is just the begining. If I had dealt drugs or stolen something perhaps things would be different. I am facing a trial where there is no proof. No physical signs of assault and not a single witness. I wonder if anyone else feels the rage that I felt when I found out all a person has to do to get another student arrested is make a claim to either our esteemed “protector” of Public Safety or swear something happened and swear a warrant with the magistrate. Am I the only one who thinks there is something wrong when a person is arrested before an investigation takes place to see if the evidence warrants arrest? I often think about think about the homecoming queen who was arrested and humiliated for “assault” and I wonder where is the voice of the students who are wronged by this unjust and politically motivated system?

I had a lot to offer the University. I am a non-traditional student who values his education above all else. I contributed to the environment and had hoped to make an impact. Now my life is turned upside down by these false allegations. If Western Carolina would have included the one sided legal system in their glossy brochure or when the recruiter I spoke with informed me of Horrible Haggard and campus justice perhaps I would of went somewhere else. In the slothful society that we esist in I do not know if unfairness or injustice matters any more. I think it should and I hope I am not the only person infuriated by “the system”. To quote an old song, ” Hey children what’s that sound? Everybody look at what’s going down!”