Kudos to the Carolinian

Dear Editor,

I am writing this as an assignment for my CMCR 401 class in which I am required to express my likes and dislikes concerning the Western Carolinian. If I could change one thing about the paper it would (ironically) be the amount of space dedicated to letters to the editor in the newspaper. I know that there are lots of things happening on campus and if less space was given to the letters to the editor then more on and off campus news could be printed. Just a small suggestion….

Aside from this minor change I am very pleased with the paper as a whole. I live off campus and even though I am not on campus often I still feel connected to the school and that is due in large part to your newspaper. I am kept informed on all campus news and events only because I read the school paper every week. As far as the one thing I like best about the paper hands down it would have to be the Wrestling Review that appears in each issue. I am a big fan of pro wrestling and I absolutley love the fact that all pro wrestling is covered in the article.

In conclusion I would like to say keep up the good work. A lot of people trash the campus newspaper but there are also many of us out there who really enjoy it. Thanks.

Alex Ensley