Rowe Presents State of the University Address

Last Thursday night, Student Body President Jonathan Rowe updated WCU students on SGA matters from the University Center in his third “State of the University Address” of the semester.

Rowe informed students of SGA members who have been working on special projects to change student life, such as a discount card which may be redeemed for discounts at businesses, both local and in nearby cities, engineered by Jenni Giles, SGA Chief of External Affairs. He also mentioned that Chris Ertel, SGA Chief of Staff, is working on designing an awards banquet to recognize work done by organizational presidents, advisors, and executive staff members to be held in late April or early May.

Rowe also mentioned that senator Chris Hall has proposed new meal plans for students who are completing internships and student teaching and are not on campus at regular meal times and must purchase their food elsewhere. The administration is currently looking at this plan.

Rowe also delivered an update on the new athletic booster club, which was organized in January. The club has elected officers for next year, and was most recently supporting the baseball team at their game against Appalachian State last weekend.

According to Rowe, the list of issues being addressed by SGA included pay for print, lowering of food prices, free legal consultation for students, and matters involving student government on a state level, such as increase of faculty salaries and a full student vote on the UNC system Board of Governors.

Rowe also took the opportunity to remind students that the SGA works for them, and that the SGA office in the University Center is open each afternoon for students to talk to SGA members about issues.