Sidewalk-Chalk Protests Give Pro-Lifers a Bad Name

To the sidewalk-chalk Pro-Lifers,

As a pro-lifer whose father was a former president of Wake County Right to Life, I would like to commend those students who came together to speak out against abortion. But I also must put you in the same category as Eric Rudolf. Why? YOU’RE MAKING US LOOK BAD!! Do you really think that comments like Fetus: it’s what’s for dinner and A trash can does not make a good coffin are really going to change a pregnant woman’s mind? Let me first dispute both these comments. Fetus: it’s what’s for dinner – were you trying to make a point?? Are we, in fact, eating unborn fetuses? I really don’t think the “soylent green is people” idea is exactly what pro-lifers are going for. As for the second comment, considering that about a year ago something like this happened with one of our students, I think the comment was completely distasteful. The poor girl has been analyzed and judged enough; it’s about time we left her alone. Some of you may be arguing, “What about our freedom of speech?” I also happened to notice that you had written one of your untactful comments over an LMP Production sidewalk chalk announcement. Since you obstructed another organization’s freedom of speech, I don’t think that argument will get you very far. Plus, you managed to disgust even more people (and you didn’t have that many people on you side anyway). Might I make a suggestion? Try writing one tactful message in front of the entrance to each building on campus. Something tactful like Adoption is a better option will probably not piss as many people off. Also, you will get your message out to more people instead of the small percentage of students/faculty that enter the front door of the UC. In this way, a pregnant woman would be more likely to stop and realize she has another option instead of getting a second bout of morning sickness.

Laura M. Gutjahr