Student Amused by Harkins Letters

Dear Editor,

Earlier this week I was reading Western’s very own newspaper, The Western Carolinian. I came across a page that had a letter to the editor written by the student who has been here for 7 years. This letter was the second letter that I had read from this person. I remember it very clearly because I remember what Dawn had written in response from the first letter.

Both Dawn Pasley and Brian Harkins need to just stop. I know I read those articles in amusement. It’s not everyday that I get to read two students, who are supposed to be more mature than me, have it out in a newspaper. Both are taking what each other says to the other more seriously than they should. Although I was amused, I was also very disappointed by what has been written by these two persons. Never in my life did I think that two people could have such horrible feelings for each other and wish to put it in the newspaper. If this is how older people are acting, who are the younger supposed to look up to? It is foolish to continue this argument between yourselves, in my opinion.

This is Western Carolina University. I guarantee that no one here cares who is who at the paper. No one cares who is getting married and who is not. We can’t change what food service we have. So, why do these articles offend the two of you so much? Is it an ego trip or is it something else? I don’t know. But I know one thing; I laughed my head off reading the responses that they wrote to each other.

Sincerely,Chris DollarFreshman, WCU