They Don’t Put Up Handicap Signs for Nothing!

I have been a student at WCU for the past three years, in this time I have both walked and driven to classes on campus. I can understand the frustration of a commuter not being able to find a parking space that was not roughly the equivalent distance of just walking from Carolina Village.

We all know parking is a problem, however, that is not justification for perfectly healthy and well students to park in the handicapped spaces! I have seen more than a few students slide their cars into specifically and obviously maked handicap spaces and then RUN to class. Being late sucks, yes, but that is no reason to deny an individual who is qualified to use that space.

Along those lines, twice TODAY, i have seen people park along the dorms in the handicap spaces and then sprint up two flights of stairs to their room. Now, I may not be the most logical person, but i would venture a guess that they do not need to park, nor should park in those spaces marked solely to allow easier access to those who truely need a shorter walk.

I do not know where the stickers come from, but ripping off your grandparents, who may not drive, does not justify owning a handicap sticker.

Not only is this evergrowing phenomenon an act of laziness and blantant disregard, but also it is RUDE. I watch the same individual park his car in front of a certain dorm and then jog out up three flights of stairs to his room. He possesses a handicap STICKER, this is not placed on the rearview window while driving, only when parking, so the campus police do not ticket him.

It infuritates me, as well as many others that contributed their feelings to this letter, to see those that are in need of these spaces are denied and have to park so much further away, while those people who cannot be bothered to walk a further distance perform not only a selfish act, but also break the law.

-Lisa Angell