Aramark Closes for Spring Things on the Lawn

Thursday, April 26, Aramark will shut down both Brown and Dodson cafeterias to serve dinner on the UC lawn in conjunction with Rob Routhieaux’s management 306 class and Spring Things on the Lawn.

Spring Things will include a beauty pageant, a male auction, food, and the local band Rufus Grove. Starting at 4:30pm, students may purchase dinner on the lawn and enjoy the southern rock sounds of Rufus Grove. The band will play from 4:30 till 6:00pm, when they will take a break to judge the Ms. WCU Pageant.

Contestants are now being accepted for the Spring Things pageant, which will include talent, question and answer, and casual wear categories. The five members of Rufus Grove will judge the ladies on how well they present themselves, thoughtfulness of the answers to the question and answer portion, and overall entertainment value of their talent. A male of their choice will escort all contestants, and prizes will be given to the winner and first and second runners-up.

Scheduled to begin at around 7:00pm, immediately after the pageant, event MC’s Josh Parham and Dyel Sigmon, both members of the MGT 306 class, will begin the male auction. All of the males being auctioned off are required to go out on one date with the person who bids the highest for their company, and each couple will be given a free dinner donated by various establishments such as Outback and Merriweathers. All of the auction’s proceeds will be donated to Discovery of Jackson County.

If you are interested in being either a contestant in the pageant or auction please contact Traci @ 586-8686 or Chasity @ 227-6088.