SGA Approves 2001-02 Club and Organization Budget

The SGA Senate unanimously approved a resolution Tuesday which detailed the budget for club and organization funding for the 2001-2002 school year.

Earlier in the semester, the Senate’s Finance Committee, chaired by Bradley Lovin, accepted applications for funding from all organizations recognized by SGA.

These applications included questions about the group’s activities, its predicted financial needs to carry out activities, and how these activities might benefit the university community.

Based on the applications and further information given by members of the group at budget hearings, the committee decided how much each group would be allotted for the coming year.

The committee first set aside $3000 in supplemental funding. Any group that has been funded under the original club and organization budget may apply for a portion of these funds if it can demonstrate the necessity.

Another $2000 was given to two graduate student groups: $500 to the History Graduate Student Association, and $1500 to establish a Graduate Student Association.

After that money had been set aside, the committee decided what monetary amount every club and organization that they had decided to fund should receive, based on the information from the applications and budget hearings.

The total came to $29,000, which combined with the $5000 that had already been laid aside for supplemental funding and the graduate student organizations, was over their budget.

To solve this dilemma, the committee applied a 17 percent cut across the board to the amount of funding that each organization had been preliminary given.

The result was a club and organization funding budget that was presented to the Senate for approval and was unanimously adopted.

Student Body President Joanthan Rowe will sign the resolution, granting it permanence, next Tuesday at 5pm. If any organizations wish to dispute the amount they were budgeted, they should contact Rowe in the SGA office.