Ill-Planned War On Drugs Ruins More Lives

The menacing sound of a helicopter made its way through the Cullowhee valley Sunday night, furthering, no doubt, the looming power of the US government’s war on drugs.

This happened just as a reporter on TV told how Peruvian planes shot down a plane carrying two American missionaries.

The plane was thought to be carrying drugs. What kind could only be guessed, but it was obvious when the plane was inspected that it carried a much more precious cargo.

Another blunder, brought to you in part by America’s arrogance, and the government’s commitment to holding up an appropriate image.

One official said Monday that the Bush administration was suspending such operations in Peru, and that since that operation included our government’s involvement and technology, the Bush administration would reevaluate their participation in such operations.

An article, distributed Tuesday by Reuters news service, stated that “A U.S. detection and tracking aircraft was nearby providing location data, with a CIA-contracted crew and a Peruvian liaison officer aboard.”

The plane was shot down by Peruvian pilots.

The plane was radioed to identify itself, but did not respond, according to the Peruvian government. However, the pilot and one male missionary who survived said they did identify themselves and that they did have a flight plan.

Has the paranoia from the US seeped down to Peru, as well? The Peruvian air force says the opposite.

And weren’t the pilots traveling TO a destination in South America? Why would CIA and Peruvian agents suspect it of smuggling drugs? Wouldn’t they be trying to get out of the country and to America to sell them?

Makes me think that the agents and pilots had a good idea no drugs were inside. Are drug lords using planes to ship coke within Peru? Why would they?

State Department spokesman Phillip Reeker stated at a press conference Tuesday that “A U.S. government investigation team is expected to be formed and will travel to Peru shortly, but I don’t have any details or final decisions on that team yet.”

Does he know if the team plans to fly down to Peru?

The Bowers family and other American missionaries probably wouldn’t recommend it.