Reader Wants to ‘Set the Record Straight’ Regarding Lambda Chi Alpha Drama

Let me first begin by saying that I’m not here to really argue about who the true brothers of Lambda Chi Alpha are, or who was responsible for the closing of the chapter. I just want to set the record straight about some of the things that our distinguished alumnus John Dillard, Beta Zeta 100, and Class of ’77 stated in his letter to the editor last week. First things first the chapter was shut down because it was becoming too large a liability for the University to handle. Anyone who believes anything else is not well informed. Our chapter had already been involved in one high profile incident before the death of Ben Nathan and Western flat out didn’t need another public relations disaster like the episode that happened with the Delta Sigs a few years ago. (I would voice my opinion on their innocence as well, but it would all be hearsay so I’ll relax on that one.) Anyways John Dillard seems to have such high praise about how well his chapter followed the rules, but what you have to understand is that the man graduated in 1977! That was a whole different time for Greeks. Rules were pretty much non-existent.In fact our National Fraternity didn’t even outlaw hazing until 1988 at the General Assembly in Scottsdale, AZ. Even the man who has been mentioned in both articles, Larry Ford, has told our chapter time and time again that we couldn’t do things like they used to. John Dillard’s article angered me, because it seemed as though he doubted the intelligence and maturity of our entire chapter. John, in the past ten years this chapter has produce some of its finest members ever, including lawyers, doctors, and many successful business people. This chapter has meant the world to many people and for you to flex your intellectual muscle and try to make a couple of guys half your age look like fools is in my opinion very immature. If you want to pick on someone, or really want an honest opinion on Larry Ford, you can call me anytime. I will be more than happy to set you straight. Thank you.

Kris Rasmussen