A Word From the Editor

The Western Carolinian would like to welcome everyone who is new to our campus, and welcome back all the students and faculty returning to WCU.

Since we’ve been gone, there have been some changes at the Carolinian:

The Western Carolinian this year will be printed every other week, starting with this coming Wednesday, September 5, 2001. There will be full color on the front, back and center spread pages.

Our web-site, however, is what we are all extremely excited about. The WesternCarolinian.com will be updated every Thursday night, and will have many articles you may not find in our print editions, including web-site reviews, and even sports articles that will be posted the minute the final score is known. You won’t find it that quick anywhere else! Check out our web-site often, because you never know when new articles and important information will be posted.

Also, local and regional advertisers will provide mounds of contact information for everyone on campus, and many advertisers will have links to their sites, making it even easier for WCU students, faculty and staff to find what they need without driving hours away to get it.

Lastly, our motto will change. For years, the Carolinian has been Western Carolina University’s Independent Student Voice. We’ve always been proud of that. We are not the student newspaper anymore. We are the University’s newspaper, and we’re WCU’s Independent Voice. This is not only our motto below our masthead, but also our invitation to students, faculty, staff, and administrators to write letters, request guest columns and let their voice be heard through the thousands and thousands of printed issues and electronic editions.

The Western Carolinian is changing, but our commitment to this community and the people who work and learn within it has not. We are still WCU’s number one source for the credible news, entertainment news, and sports that you want and need.