Our Friend, David Scharff

Dear Editor,

Three months ago, my best friend, David Scharff, was diagnosed with cancer. The disease was first detected in his right arm, after that arm and shoulder had been giving him coninual and worsening pain for several weeks. By the time it was dicovered that concer was causing the problem, Dave had all but lost the use of his right arm due to pain and lack of flexibility, and had been restricted to wearing a sling, even to sleep. In spite of this dire situation, Dave kept his spirits up, told us all not to worry, and maintained a positive attitude.

Chemotherapy began immediately. Initial results of the chemo seemed promising, but the tumor had grown to such a large size that the only way to stop the cancer from spreading and Dave’s life was to amputate his arm. Many of us in Reynolds could not imagine being in a situation like that; to go without an arm….but David took it in stride. He came to visit the first week of school. He had lost a lot of weight, was bald, and had only one arm. The funny thing is that he had this amazing new outlook, and refused to let anything stop him from enjoying life. Constantly joking and having fun, he went with us all to a frat party, went up to Wolf Lake, and had a blast generally. My friend Steve and I took him back to his hometown of Brevard that Sunday, shortly after that he went back to his doctors in Virginia for a follow up exam.

Friday night I got the news that the cancer had spread…to David’s lungs, and it was too deep and extensive to be removed by surgery. I don’t feel like I should have to elaborate on the severity of his condition. David is a fellow WCU student and we all need to show him our support. I know that he would greatly appreciate any emails or phone calls. He has managed to stand tall in the face of all his tribulation, and has been an inspiration to everyone that knows him. All I ask is that you show him your support while he battles this illness. Please take a little time out during the day to send him your prayers and support. With his own strength and the help of our positive thoughts and gestures, he can make it through this.

David can be reached at: