A Plea to an Injured Nation:

A Plea to an Injured Nation:

During this, our darkest hour, I am greatly saddened, not by the death

and destruction, but by the anger and hatred that has arisen inside myself,

along with the rest of this country. We have been attacked by an enemy

unlike any that we have ever seen before. This enemy has injured us in ways

that we have not even come close to comprehending yet. It has stolen from us

that which we hold dearest. It has taken away all that we represent as a


We, a nation that has always stood for freedom, are sealing our borders.

We, a nation that has always stood for peace, are demanding blood and war.

We, a nation that has always stood for democracy, are condemning our own

brothers and sisters with bigotry and hatred. I beg all of you to remember

your brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, grandparents and great

grandparents whom risked their lives in pilgrimage. Remember what our

fathers and forefathers have fought and died for! Remember Old Glory, Lady

Liberty, Ellis Island, and what they stand for. You may or may not have been

born in this country, but I KNOW that we are all loyal to it. We are not the

only ones. Our new friends and countrymen are as much Americans as our

siblings, parents, grand parents, and our great grand parents.

I beg you all to come together and unite as a nation of one!

I beg you to demand freedom continue!

I beg you to demand peace in America!

I beg you to demand that Democracy continue!

I beg you all, please do not forget what The United States of America


I beg you to not allow justice to be corrupted into vengeance!

Most of all, I beg you, please, please do not allow a country governed by

the masses to turn into one ruled by a mob.

We MUST NOT let them take any of these things that we hold so dear away

from us.

This attack was not an act of insanity. It was an act of blind ignorance,

greed, and desperation. We cannot govern against insanity, but what we can

do is educate.

Thank you America.

Mike D.