Student Dies Two Days Prior to Classes

Corrine M. Quick, 20, of Asheville, died from complications due to a genetic condition on August 18 at Mission-St. Joseph’s hospital.

Quick lived in Harvey, LA until six years ago when she moved to Asheville. She was to begin her junior year as a pre-nursing major at Western Carolina University.

WCU senior Stephanie Nixa was a friend of Quick’s, whom she said had been suffering migraines for about six months.

“Everything they tried to treat it with didn’t work, ” said Nixa.

Quick went to the Emergency Room on August 6, where a CT scan showed blood clots in her brain, according to Nixa. She said Quick underwent neuro surgery twice on August 8.

“The following day her brain started hemorrhaging, which resulted in swelling,” said Nixa. “She had a relatively new condition called Factor Five in which a person’s blood vessels are abnormally small. Her blood was too think to travel through her arteries.”

Nixa described Quick as caring, loving, and always concerned for others.

“Her smile lit up the room,” said Nixa.

Sharon Jacques was Quick’s adviser and knew her as a quiet and thoughtful individual. She said Quick is remembered fondly by her classmates.

“She very much wanted to be a nurse,” said Jacques. “I am very saddened by her death.”

Quick had a boyfriend at WCU, who withdrew from classes after her death.