WCU Construction

The $98.4 million that Western Carolina University received from the state education bond package, and money from appropriations funds, is being used for current construction projects, which are underway and will continue through January 2005.

Across from Cullowhee Creek, the Outreach Center, formally the Camp Lab School, is undergoing renovation and is expected to be completed November 14. The $4,088,209 used for this project came partly from appropriations funds and partly from renovation funds, according to Andrew Comrie, director of the Physical Plant.

Work has also begun on the new $7,850,000 Workforce Development Center, which will be located on the south side of Belk Building. Comrie said a federal grant is being used to fund this building, which should be complete in 13 months.

Expansion of the University Center is set to begin in less than 30 days. Student fees are paying for this $6,784,225 project, which will be finished at roughly the same time as the Workforce Development Center, according to Comrie.

The state bond allocated $26 million for the Fine and Performing Arts Center, which will cost $30,530,700, and will be located across from the Administration Building.

“The additional $4 million needed came from appropriations for advanced planning in 1996 and site development in 1998,” said Comrie.

Contractors will submit bids on October 3 for the two-year construction project.

The state bond package also allocated $32.1 million for moderation of McKee in 2002; Killian and Killian Annex in January 2003; Forsyth in January 2004; and Stillwell in 2005.

Other bond-funded projects include: $1.8 million to convert Bird into the Health Services Building in 2002; $15.2 million for a 300-bed residence hall, also planned for 2002; $1.9 million to turn Graham into resident and academic space in September 2003; $1.2 million to convert Breese into academic space in 2003; and $3 million for new land.