Screaming and Wailing Never Sounded so Good

Cursive, an indie-rock band stationed in Omaha, Nebraska and signed to Saddle Creek Records, a label which houses some of the most influential, most poignant bands of today, released their latest EP late summer of 2001 and is getting great response.

Cursive was formed in 1995 and consists of Tim Kasher (vocals, guitar), Matt Maginn (bass, vocals), Steve Pedersen (guitar, vocals) and Clint Schnase (drums).

In their latest release “Burst and Bloom,” it is obvious that they, as a band are truly growing and developing. In previous recordings there is a definite feeling of anger and frustration; in “Burst and Bloom,” written after Kasher’s failed marriage, there is a sound of sadness and loss of hope that is not only heard in his heart-wrenching screams, but also in the newly added band member Gretta Cohn’s cello solos and background wails.

“Burst and Bloom” begins with one of their catchiest tunes, titled “Sink to the Beat,” a song that is obviously having a bit of fun with those reviewers and skeptics who constantly say that the band has a “DC sound.” In this song Kasher also admits that Cursive does have a “Fugazi, and Chapel Hill around the early 90’s” sound, which he is not ashamed of. The four songs that follow are somewhat serious in tone and in lyrics but are still presented in an upbeat way, so optimistic sounding that you could almost forget Kasher’s pain if you failed to listen to the words. But when the cello comes in his pain and sadness are quickly remembered.

The lyrics of this EP are some of the best I have heard combined with wailing guitars and upbeat drum melodies. Lyrics like, Let’s pretend we’re not needy / Let’s pretend our hearts still beat / Let’s pretend we fall in love tonight / Clumsy enough to fall for anything. Make my heart flutter. When Kasher screams lines like, This is the bed that I have made/ This is the grave where I will lay/ These are the hands where I will bury my face/I don’t believe in wasting time/ Searching for truth you will never find, it is impossible not to feel his pain and his confusion.

I can honestly say that listening to this EP is not a waste of time; it could quite possibly be the best 21 minutes of one’s life. If you are interested in other Cursive albums such as, “Such Blinding Stars for Starving Eyes,” “The Storms of Early Summer: Semantics of Song” and their latest full length, “Domestica” you can visit and buy a copy.

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