Trustees Pass New Alcohol Policy at WCU

The WCU Board of Trustees approved a new alcohol policy that increases the number of campus locations for service of alcoholic beverages. The action came during the board’s last meeting and applies to all members of the WCU community, effective immediately.

Under the new policy, malt beverages and fortified wine may now be served and consumed during education- related events at the following locations: Ramsey Regional Activity Center, Jordan-Phillips Fieldhouse, University Outreach Center, Madison Hall, Bird Alumni House, A.K. Hinds University Center, and other locations considered appropriate by the Chancellor.

Alcoholic beverages may be served at events sponsored by organizations that are officially recognized by the university, using only University-contracted catering provided by Aramark. Personal funds must be used to purchase the alcohol.

When alcohol is served at an event, a meal or hors d’oeuvres must be provided, along with non-alcoholic beverages, which are to be as available as the alcoholic beverages.

Alcohol service may begin one hour prior to when a meal will be served, and must be discontinued at the end of the catered meal. At receptions or events where only hors d’oeuvres are served, alcohol service is limited to one hour.

Malt beverages and fortified wine must be purchased by the event applicant/sponsor and given to the University’s contracted catering/service provider prior to the event.

The event’s applicant/sponsor is also responsible for the cost of trained bartenders, waiters and/or waitresses that the University-contracted catering staff must provide. Cost includes set-ups, supplies, security, and usage fees.

At the end of an event, the University applicant must collect unused beverages within 48 hours or the excess will be destroyed. With the exception of an individual’s campus residence, unused portions may not be kept on campus, including administrative and academic buildings, offices, spaces, or storage.

Alcohol may not be served to those clearly under the influence, and such people may be removed if they are disruptive.

The first step in acquiring permission to serve alcohol in designated areas requires the applicant/sponsor to contact the desired facility for availability and reservations.

If the facility is available, the appropriate facility director will send a “Facility’s Use/Event Application,” along with the “Application for Alcoholic Beverage Service” to the applicant/sponsor.

Both forms must be completed and returned to the facility’s director at least one week prior to the activity.

Immediately after the reservations are confirmed, the applicant/sponsor must contact the University contracted Food Service Catering Coordinator to discuss required food arrangements.

When both application forms have been returned by the applicant/sponsor, the director of the reserved facility reviews the “Application for Alcoholic Beverage Service” and “forwards it to the appropriate authorizing official(s), with a recommendation to approve or disapprove the application.”

Once the appropriate official reviews and approves the application, it is returned to the reserved facility’s director.

The facility director will inform the applicant/sponsor of their decision.

If the application is approved, the applicant/sponsor must acquire malt beverages or fortified wine.

No later than one business day prior to the day of the event, the applicant/sponsor must contact the Food Service Catering Coordinator during business hours, to plan for their delivery of alcoholic beverages to food service catering.

Organizations that are not recognized by the university must find service at a facility elsewhere.