N.C. Nicothrax Treatment

Dear Editor,

With tobacco inhalation killing over 8,000 Americans each week (4,000 in middle-age) and 11,642 North Carolinians each year, the flood of politician anthrax concerns is almost laughable. If all 11,642 died on the exact same day would that get their attention?

The real death generator isn’t isolated particles of anthrax but massive quantities of weapons grade nicotine – earth’s most addictive particle. Alcohol addicts 10%, cocaine 15%, while nicotine enslaves over 70%. They want to quit but we refuse to teach them how.

All illegal drugs combined may claim 200 Americans next week. Most states provide illegal drug users with free local lifetime quality clinic treatment, but if legal nicotine becomes their master, we simply turn our heads and let them die. Why?

Almost 90% of nicotine users became addicted as youth. The overall fatality rate – for those failing to master the skills necessary to achieve freedom – is 50%. Are politicians concerned for them too or is death simply their punishment for messing with nicotine as children?

The Talaban government deals in opium while ours prefers nicotine. Last year America subsidized its growth, while taking over $11 billion in nicotine taxes. Politicians pocketed millions in tobacco industry contributions, and the states continued their partnership under a $246 billion agreement that grants tobacco a license to annually addict over 900,000 teens, while killing 430,000 adults.

Where is the money really coming from that’s being donated to politicians? It’s blood money and it stains their souls. What is the actual source of the $246 billion in tobacco settlement funds that politicians are spending on every cause except helping those addicted break free?

Our leaders and political system have built-in conflicts of interest in treating those enslaved. It’s an endless greed-feed cycle and the food is us!

Why discriminate against treating nicotine addicts while providing quality treatment to those dependent upon less addictive substances? Is it because other drugs generate a “high,” while tobacco simply cripples or kills?

Do politicians truly care about the 8,000 killed each week or are they simply greed’s collateral damage. Quality cessation education clinic programs are generating 40-50% one year cessation rates, while the nicotine patch, alone, has an almost 90% failure rate at six months. Knowledge is power.

We must make it morally wrong for politicians to accept tobacco contributions either before or after voting on tobacco revenue or treatment measures. They’re either for us or against us. It’s time for leaders to lead.

John R. Polito

709 Black Oak Blvd., Summerville, SC 29485 USA(843) 871-1659