Bardo’s plans for “enhanced Curriculum”

I do applaud Bardo for wanting to enhance our education here at Western Carolina, but I believe he has his priorities out of order. He wants to have more full time professors to help offer a “wide variety of classes within classes.” He should try to keep the majors and professors we have and stop cutting them out. I’m working on a minor in french and since the department was cut it seems very unlikely I will beable to complete that goal before I graduate. With only one french professor per semester, how are the student’s needs being met in that field of study. I am considering transferring so I can recieve the education I need, and I am not the only one. I doubt also this is the only department having these troubles. Is this fair to us to lose options or for the university to lose students? No it is not. Yes Bardo, we need changes in education here at WCU, but not where you believe we do. Thank you for hearing my opinion.Michael Dorsey