Perturbed by Premature Penis Pilfering

Dear Editor,

I am very perturbed over the recent premature penis pilfering. On Thursday, November 15, an art student’s seven-foot paper-mache penis was removed from the art exhibit in the Belk Building. Why? Because a few students were offended by the P-E-N-I-S. Perhaps they need a penis this large to accompany their big balls. Yes, you have the freedom to think and feel whatever you choose, but you do not get to determine what may or may not be offensive to others.I don’t recall the “barrel of boobs” being removed from previous exhibits. The removal of the penis further supports the harmful double standards prevalent in our society. The media constantly displays images of breasts and buttocks. Why should the male genitals be any different? Perhaps we should have had the film-study students on hand to film the event? It could have been a B-rated movie called “Attack of the Seven-Foot Penis” where students ran from the penis with looks of horror on their faces. This doesn’t sound any more ridiculous than what actually occurred.

Those involved with the grand-theft-penis took action before considering the consequences. It is my understanding that the Art department was not notified until after the penis had been removed and closeted. These premature actions led to news coverage by the Asheville Citizen Times and the local WLOS television station. We should be embarrassed that they traveled here for a penis headline rather than academic accomplishments.I was under the impression that we were living in America, and I wasn’t aware that Western offered a degree in censorship.As of Friday, November 16, the penis is back in Belk and stands on its own. Go view the penis and support the right to be there.

Lori Smith