Day: January 15, 2002


The Sixth Man

In all my years at Western Carolina University, first for four years of undergraduate studies and now grad school, I’ve always had one dream; to see the big black plexiglass building wall-to-wall with hysterical Catamount fans. I did finally get my opportunity on May 12, 2001 at 2pm when I […]


Respect for the flag, and for which it stands…

Driving back along Interstate 40 from holiday visiting, I noticed a flash of bright red, white and blue in the grassy median. Then another. Then more. I kept glancing, in disbelief. There, in the ditch, along with beer cans and fast food wrappers were American flags. They were not posted […]


A Plea to Preserve the Integrity Of Our Public Schools

How absurd-the very thought that anyone can become a teacher by being trained to teach! What good is it to have the ability to handle children in an excellent manner and have nothing to teach? Mrs. Juanita Wolf, Native Cherokee Indian, told me, personally, that the reason Indian schools were […]