Are you sure it’s a movie review?

Dear Mr. Shwarz,

I think your recent review (and I use that word very lightly) of “Black Hawk Down” was mistakenly inserted into the features section. I was expecting to read a review not a jingoistic mish-mash. Are you sure it wasn’t an editorial or perhaps a commentary on your over-patriotism? It’s wonderful you are proud of your country, Mr. Shwarz, but there is no need to vent your feelings in a movie review column. When someone reads a movie review they want to know who’s in the film, what the basic story is and whether or not it’s worth spending their money to see. They could care less what you think about the state of the world.

It’s also a little surprising that someone attempting to attain a college education would refer to another country as a “third-world sh*t hole.” That is not only poor jouralistic style, Mr. Shwarz, but it’s slandarous and in very poor taste. Next time, leave your feelings about the subject on the shelf and just try to review the film. Try and remember that not everyone reading this paper is a WASP. Offending people really isn’t very cool.

Also, I don’t think you actually mentioned that you were reviewing a film until somewhere towards the end of the story. You may want to try and mention the film you are reviewing at the beginning so readers don’t decide to read something else instead. Although, considering this offering, that might be a better choice.

Good luck, Mr. Shwarz.

Sincerely,Alex Esmon