To Serve and Protect?

Dear Editor:

How helpful can a person be to someone else? Well, if you are stranded in front of a dorm on the coldest day of the season with a flat tire anyone you see gives you a sense of relief. “Oh no! We need help! Call Campus Police!” NO THANKS! What would we do without the helpful campus police? I’ll tell you. The same thing we’ve been doing, taking care of ourselves. “Did the campus police help?” Sure! They helped themselves stay warm by staying in their car! Were they willing to help two young ladies with a flat tire and escort them to a parking space? Heck no! Not only did they drive by once asking us to move and watching the struggle of finding a tire that fits, but they drove by a second time asking if we were done yet! The campus police were more concerned with us moving from an illegal spot than trying to assist us. Were we blocking traffic? Um, no. Could we move the car if we wanted to? NO! Why did we receive such hassle from them? College students continuously ask themselves, “What is the purpose of paying unnecessary campus policemen.” Are they really policemen? If so, we are in serious trouble. This memo is directed to all young ladies on campus. Never depend on “flash-light cops,” they are only there to help themselves.

Jessica R. NealDaphne A. Moore