Dispute Olympics, Not Intramurals!

Dear Editor:

Last night I enjoyed going to the Ramsey Center to watch the finals of the Intramural Basketball playoffs as the 40 oz Bounce put their undefeated record on the line against the elder statesman from the Workin’ Class team. Much to my surprise the Workin’ Class team whipped the 40 oz team 59-38. The Workin’ Class team had one young player (their star) and a group whose average age must have been 35+. While there star probably scored 35-40 points he did so as part of a team and Workin’ Class won as a team. They played better defense, passed better, and rebounded better as a team than the 40oz Bouncers did. After all basketball is a team sport.Well I come to find out this morning, that the 40 oz Bounce, whether it is the embarrassment of the loss or the rash of protests during the Winter Olympics filled a protest of the game’s results with the Intramural Office. Apparently the Workin Class star played basketball in college during the last five years and was ineligible, a rule a Workin Class spokesman said they were never told about as they could not attend the team meeting.Curious, I did some investigation. The Workin Class star played at Lenoir-Rhyne College (Division III – I think), not exactly your college basketball powerhouse. He played in four of the eight Workin Class games, one of which they lost during the regular season, I guess there was one team that knew how to play defense. Did any of the other teams complain? I am guessing not since he played to championship game. Last time I checked, the prize for winning an Intramural Championship was a t-shirt. Congratulations 40 oz Bounce you won the battle (a t-shirt), but you lost the war (59-38) to one star and a group of men at least fifteen years your elder. But more importantly you lost your pride, by filing a protest for an Intramural game. C’mon guys it is just Intramurals.Congratulations Workin Class you played and won with class and had fun doing so and that’s what Intramurals is all about.

Steve Porter