Students can help Western Politically


One thing that our students at Western can do to help bring more businesses into the Cullowhee area is to change their voting residence from their hometown to Cullowhee. This would give the University as well as the students more political clout. Western and it’s needs could become a major politcal force in Jackson County. Some things that could be done if our students changed their voting registration to Cullowhee are as follows:

1. Try to have Cullowhee vote to become a part of Sylva. With the students votes, this would easily pass.

2. If Cullowhee and Sylva consolidated, you would have a community of more than 10,000 people.

3. A town of 10,000 plus would encourage businesses to locate in the area creating more jobs as well more job opportunities for residence of Jackson County.

4. Western would also be able to continue to attract excellent students and probably have many more applications with prospective students hearing that Western was located in a town of 10,000 plus people.

In closing, I want to say that I graduated from Western many years ago, and I am very proud of our great school. We have a great administration, great students as well as great faculty and staff. The word is out about the great effort of all of you here in the Atlanta area. Please consder this suggestion mentioned above as I can only see it help us to grow.


Bob Folsom Class of 1966 and 1968: