Arrested without being read my rights

Dear Editor:

I am writing you today to inform you that a travesty has occured on campus. Last night, while standing in a public corridor on my hall, Benton 3rd, I was arrested by campus police because I wouldnt go to my room when a student that was accompanying the 2 officers, told me to go to my room. The point of me standing there was that I could get a chance to ask the officers 3 questions that pertained to a reseach paper that I am doing for another political science class. After the student told me to go to my room, I asked him why, and he said just because. Since there was nothing dangerous occurring in the area, I simply stood my ground and told him no. When the officer approached me, officer R.S. Randazzo, he told me that he was going to arrest me if I didnt go to my room and get in it. I asked him why, because I only wanted to ask him and officer Holder 3 questions, he became angry, told me to empty my pockets, I was under arrest. After being frisked and placed in handcuffs for around 20 mins, I was issued a citation of Resist, Delay and Obstruct a public officer. I am fine with that, they did what they had to do, and after this was over, I shook the officer’s hand and told him no hard feelings and he said likewise. My point is this. Why was I placed under arrest, handcuffed in the presence of my fellow hallmates, and never read my Miranda rights? When I asked the officers about this while he was issusing my citation, the senior officer that was with him, told me since I wasnt being questioned, they didnt have to. Do you see anything wrong with this? Were they telling me the truth? Is America falling apart? Thank YouJason Nunn