Child & Family Studies Students & Alumnist Bid Farewell

On May 3, 2002, Dr Lisen Roberts and a group of CFS students celebrated their program, which will shortly be part of WCU’s most recent history, the Child & Family Studies program will come to a close at summer’s end. Although many students and instructors regret the demise of such a great curriculum the battle has been lost. As a psychology major I felt that CFS was an essential adjunct to my professional aspirations in counseling. Child and Family Studies has a uniquely “human” component, which reaches far deeper than science and theory. It is unique in its willingness to allow students an opportunity to feel in addition to thinking. As many students celebrated their upcoming graduation or internship there was a note of sadness. It is a shame to see such a useful and interesting curriculum leave the university I will miss the fellowship enjoyed within CFS I think we all will.