The Infirmary

Dear EditorI wanted to tell you about an experience I had at the on-campus infirmary. I went there with a serious problem and I needed help. I left the infirmary without help (sorry but cough drops doesn’t always cut it,) and completely turned off by an impolite and unprofessional staff. The staff was rude and and didn’t seem to really care about me or the other patients. I saw one lady, who said she was the director of the infirmary, be so rude to his one guy that he had to leave. He looked to be in alot of pain too.

I cannot believe the lack of caring that took place before my eyes. In plae of a comptent, caring medial professionals the infirmary has uncaring individuals who ae very rude. I also cannot believe how quickly the staff tries to get patients out the door without helping them at all.When I have problems I want somone who is dedicated to helping me, not someone who just wants me out the door with only a handful of cough drops.

Sincerely YoursA WCU student deeply concerned about her fellow students