Apathy and War

The great American writer Ernest Hemingway once said: “Never think that war, no matter how justified, nor how necessary, is not a crime.” With United Nations arms inspectors searching Iraq as I write, the world is left to wonder what will come from this. Is a new, unending war imminent? If it is, are we going to sit idly by and let it happen? Or will we stand up and refuse to let more and more innocent people die by the twisted and mangled hand of justice? Historically the university has been a place where ideas are exchanged, positions debated and progress made. This is a university, an institution where creativity should flourish, not an assembly line churning out mindless drones that do and think just as they are told. Gone is the spirit of rebellion and freedom. It has been replaced by fear of the watchful eye of Big Brother. We are an apathetic generation, choosing to sit behind plastic boxes being fed useless information; meaningless propaganda, using the symbols of freedom and justice to validate our bloody deeds. We are so far removed from the horrors of war that to fight for freedom and the American way seem noble and dignified, not evil and immoral. But, instead of the American way, today’s war is an endless cycle of bloodshed and violence for no reason other than the vague notion of fighting terrorism. An enemy we can’t uncover, let alone identify. Backed into a corner, the monster that is America lashes out at any nation within striking distance. Again, I must ask, are we going to let this happen? Are you going to let this monster slaughter more innocent people? There is something you can do. But it’s the general apathy of this generation that keeps us from getting anything done, and in the process tramples us into the dust behind the machine as it plows forward. It’s the fear of being labeled as different or wrong to go against the characteristic norm. Don’t be afraid! Protest works. It did during Vietnam, and it will now. Go out, say what’s on your mind. If you don’t believe in something, do something about it. This is a university, this is the breeding ground of change. War is a crime. The alternative? War without end.

Ben Keeverben_keever@hotmail.com