strange smells from Leatherwood

Dear Editor,

It has been noted by my roommate, my neighbors, and myself that there is a most heinous fume being emitted by Leatherwood. It doesn’t seem to be the usual residence hall smell. I built alot of model airplanes back in the day, and part of the appeal was that funky feeling that was felt in the back of my head after being bent over a B-52 that contained 300 plastic pieces. Are the maintence men making scale models in the boiler room? Did they leave a bucket of modeling cement open? Maybe it is the smell of Bums that are just “crashin for the night,” in some hidden chill spot in the basement. Just curious. Here is the scary thing: After Im home the smell mysteriously disappears, like my brain has become numb to the death gas that is leaking out. What’s going on? Just wondering if i need to change the filter in my gas mask.

Jason Thompson