Canadian Prescription Drugs

Please go to this website to view the Forbes Magazine story. Glaxo Smith-Kline has announced that they will no longer sell their drugs to Canadian Pharmacies who ship to customers in the US. They say that the drugs may be tampered with, or contaminated or damaged in transit. The only documented cases I am aware of occurred in drugstores in the US. That’s the poorest excuse I’ve heard for such an outrageous action. From my observations I would estimate that 75% or more of Canadian sales to US are to senior citizens and low-income families. To deprive them of this source for being able to afford their prescription drugs is akin to MURDER. Numerous older people (mostly widows) have incomes of less that $1000 per month and it is a very hard struggle for them to buy prescription drugs and meet their other obligations. If Glaxo Smith-Kline were truthful in the reasons they cited, then they would have to stop selling to pharmacies all over the world except in the US.. Do you think they plan to do this? Ha! I urge everyone to write or phone Glaxo Smith-Kline. Glaxo Smith-Kline P O Box 13398 Research Triangle Park, NC 27709 Phone them toll-free at (888)825-5249 Also, write your Congressmen and ask that they take action. This is extremely urgent and I urge you to join in this fight! Dallas Stephens 5973 Woodhall Ct Hickory, NC 28602-8260 Check this website: