I know the ending may sound a little preachy, but I worked hard on it, and would appreciate a little printed space. Thanks:)

Just when the public has had heard too much about Michael Jackson, the Western Carolinian compounds the situation by putting into print yet another dose of Michael. However, if you put one of his CD’s in the player and look past the lurid details of disgusting allegations, you can not only see and hear, but also feel, the raw, emotional power and magic of the music of Michael Jackson. His career has defined a successful music career, spanning several decades. He is known as the “King of Pop”, the father of the moonwalk, revolutionary video music star. Yes, the entertainment career of Michael Jackson deserves praise. But, how does someone in possession of numerous lifetime achievements, obvious crowd appeal, and talent greater than words can describe become the freak-show attraction that the media has reported Michael Jackson to be?A first reaction is to blame the media, the scapegoat of the twentieth century. It is apparent that the media was his best friend in years past, only to become his worst enemy in the present. A second reaction is to blame the pressure that the music industry places on its stars. Recall the tragic death of another “King”, Elvis Presley, and the death of Jerry Garcia, caused by endless tours and pressure to perform. Rolling Stone recently published an article, “20 Ways That Rock & Roll Will Destroy You”, naming the pressures record labels place on their clients as one of the twenty reasons why musicians’ careers are destroyed or put on hold. Their example was Mariah Carey, who recently suffered an unfortunate mental break-down after “pleading” for help by writing desperate messages on her Web site. After the multi-million seller Bad in 1987, the American public anxiously waited six years for Jackson’s next album. The mounting pressure to return to the studio resulted in the release of Dangerous in 1993, and HIStory: Past, Present And Future Book 1 two years later. After four years in the studio, the American public’s desire for Michael’s Magic was appeased, but for a price. The lyrics of “Scream”, from the 1995 release of HIStory, sound like pleas for help. “Somebody please have mercy ’cause I just can’t take it. Stop pressurin’ me. I can’t take it much longer. I think I’m going insane.” Ordinary people can only imagine the personal strength it takes to handle the pressures faced by music and movie stars, and government officials. The desires of American people, the power of the media are powerful forces, but the words of a legend can be just as powerful. It is impossible to prevent or predict the consequences of each action we take, and if the only lesson we learn from the absurd media circus surrounding Michael Jackson is the power of our actions, let it be known and remembered for a very long time.