Please forward to the student newspaper

Dear Student Newspaper Advertising Manager: URGENT REQUEST!

Please fax advertising information for the Winter/Spring/Summer 2003 semesters immediately to 856-273-2514.

Please include:

1. Advertising rates, specifics (e.g., discounts) and mechanical requirements. Also include classified advertising info (both word and display).

2. Fall, winter, spring and summer publication schedules. This is critical to help our clients plan.

3. On-line ad rates and info- If available.

4. Info on submitting ads electronically (format & email address)- If available.

If media kit is greater than 6 pages, please “snail mail” with a sample copy of your newspaper to:

DZA731 Henderson RoadMount Holly, NJ 08060

Phone: 609-265-0442

-Donald L. Zierdt-

Visit our website at to download an effective sample rate card

We place ads for AmeriCorps, the Peace Corps, Massachusetts School of Law and others