Beyond the War: What About the People?

A day doesn’t go by when I think about and discuss the probability of the United States entering into war with Iraq. I have watched the televised protests and supportive demonstrations, much as I did during Vietnam when I was just a child. If you discuss the idea of war many people feel that there are a plethora of alternative motives for President Bush’s pursuit of the initiative. It appears that many individuals are not in favor of pursuing the attack and that is every individual’s right. Although I have my own feelings regarding the war I think there is something more important at stake. That is most important is that as Americans we support the men and women who have chosen to serve this nation. If the President and Congress declare war and we disagree with their politics then I suggest voicing those concerns to your elected officials, do not punish those who have chosen to serve and protect this country. It is not the private or yeoman who makes the decision to begin a war and it is not their burden to bear when as a society we feel an urgent desire to voice our displeasure. As always treat these wonderful individuals as just that, they are people who are fulfilling a responsibility, a responsibility that the American people have bestowed upon them.