Trail Blazing and Boulder Gazing

Cullowhee not the metropolis you expected? Are classes, people or shear boredom threatening your peace of mind? Do something.

What you ask? LMP, Base Camp Cullowhee, Campus Ministries, Greek Life, Intramurals and countless other clubs and organizations are all vying for your attention, whether you realize it or not. Use the wired advantage and go online to find out more.

Nothing appealing? If you need to get out but don’t want to stray too far, take a fieldtrip. Where?

Judaculla Rock, a bit off the beaten path, is a soapstone boulder covered in unique carvings. Scientists have endeavored to decipher the markings but have yet to agree on their meaning. It is speculated that the carvings were plans for a battle or terms for peace, a debatable dichotomy that leaves us no closer to comprehending the actual gist of the symbols.

The rock promises an opportunity to exercise your mental capabilities in an intriguing, outdoor atmosphere. Bring some friends, explore and deliberate the possibilities. Perhaps you’ll succeed where anthropologists have failed. In any case, it’s an opportunity to get away for a little while.

Directions: Take highway 107 towards Cashiers to Caney Fork Road. Turn left onto Caney Fork. Turn left onto Judaculla Rock Road.