MYSTIC VIBRATIONSOCTOBER 2South Carolina based band Mystic Vibrations will be performing at WCU on October 2nd. The Reggae band originated in Jamaica but is composed of members from St. Crois and the USA. Mystic Vibrations are known for their strong stage presence and original music compositions that hold true to the roots of reggae music. Their first Album, entitled People Get Ready, was released in 1993. The album features songs like “Me Woman” which has an upbeat tempo and praises ital living and womanly support. Other songs in the album are about starting movements on a mental, physical, and spiritual level.The bands talents cover a wide variety of genres such as Jazz, Soul, R&B, and Reggae. Mystic Vibrations have also built their own record label, Mustik Musik. Mystic Vibrations enjoy success in playing in a variety of venues such as festivals, colleges, and nightclubs. The band is currently working on a new album that will feature songs such as ” Stop Dis War”, “Irie Feeling, and “Claiming Say”. The band will be playing at Illusions located in the UC at 9 pm. Contact LMP for more information.


The Perch Sketch Comedy Show will be coming to Western Carolina University on Tuesday, October 21st at 10 pm in Illusions. The Perch Comedy Show consists of comedy skits as well as a live band.The Perch Comedy Show was formed in 1994 and has won much recognition for their work. Currently they are having great success with their Talking Baby act, created by comedian Sean Keenan. The Talking baby is nothing but a cheap baby doll who speaks what ever is on his mind. The Talking Baby has been featured on MTV 2 and is now considered their mascot and spokesperson. The show will be $2 for students with ID and $4 for none students. This event is also a BYOB.


A veteran of stand up comedy for thirteen years, Bernie McGrenahan will be presenting a lecture called “Beware of the Binge”. His lecture uses comedy and personal testimony to deliver a message. McGrenahan has made numerous television appearances and has had the honor to work with many of the biggest stars in show business. The event will take place on October 24th in the Grandroom in the UC. The event will start at 9 pm. The event is free of charge to students and $4 dollars for everyone else.