meeting with the Editorial Board

To the Editor, and the Editorial Board

Ladies & Gentlemen,

This will be the first time, or the latest of very few times, that a potential candidate for Congress has asked to sit down with your Editorial Board in a no-holds-barred, on the record, Q&A session. To put it simply, I intend to sit down with the Editors of every news outlet in the 11th District, and that includes the “Western Carolinian,” of course.

My background: I’m a civil rights lawyer in the Supreme Court, the author of a few books, and of an inexcusable number of articles. More to your possible interest, I was on the Editorial Board of the “Yale Daily News” when Joe Lieberman was Chairman (yes, that Joe Liberman). I was also an officer of the Yale Political Union when a freshman named John Kerry (yes, that John Kerry) showed up, intent on making his mark.

I appreciated very much the opportunites of meeting and questioning people personally that were accorded us as Editorial Board members. I thought you might appreciate the same.

For a very thorough introduction to me and my background, please visit: Explorer as the preferred browser. Some incompatibility problems with other browsers are being resolved by my webmasters, even as we speak.)

If this sounds interesting to you, please get in touch with me.


John Armor”KettleRock” Box 243Highlands, NC 28741(828) 526-3149