Month: February 2004


Questioning Government

Many of our ancestors came to this great nation seeking tolerance. Their former governments had denied them freedoms simply because of their beliefs, so they came by boat to the new land called America, where they were free to practice their religion; where they could raise a family and seek […]


Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 9,2004Betsie’s Literary PageUSA (1/24/2004) ***** Claudette Milner’s novel, Children of Plains Estates is the perfect definition for the melting pot called “America.” Excerpt:On a church camping trip, Debbie reveals that her mom is really in a rehabilitation center and is an alcoholic. Everyone has been led […]


Looking for Seth Sams

Hello, I don’t need this to be published…I did a search on Google and saw that Seth R. Sams was editor in chief of your publication at some point, and I was wondering if ANYONE there could give me his email address…not sure if he’s still a student or not. […]