A Simmering Volcano

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Simmering VolcanoBy Rick Mathes

America is in an epidemic of crime that is sweeping the inner-cities and plying on the young minorities to “join the family.” In St. Louis as well as in other major cities seven out of ten children are born to fatherless homes and ironically seven out of ten black men killed are murdered by black men. And our prisons are disproportionately populated by a black population. And now the nation of Islam is sweeping up those that our educational system and racial prejudices have left behind. How can anyone be surprised that minority retribution is cloaking itself within the blessings of Allah? Dumbing-down is backfiring!

Financed by the white suburban addicts buying up all the “white” heroin and meth anyone can produce, these home grown terrorists are raping and pillaging their own neighborhoods as gang after gang hook up with mosques that will not denounce their evil intentions. The silence of the Muslim community is deafening. Is anyone awake? The volcano is about to explode.

Prisons are a breeding ground for those who have found violence, crime and drug dealing as a way out of the ghetto. When an inmate is released to society he returns to those “who will take care of him” and stands proudly as a parole that has “earned his stripes.” The young gangsters look up to him and all that he has learned while incarcerated by the “Department of Education.” (Or was that Department of Corrections?)

The system doesn’t work and more of what doesn’t work, won’t work!

It has been estimated that at the rate of “black flight” from St. Louis, by the year 2037 the last porch light will go out. The city will be desolate and the suburbs will be the new battle ground. That won’t happen but we can’t ignore those that are left behind and the fractured families that are at the mercy of the radical Muslims that make “Jim Jones” look like “Mr. Rogers.”

American terrorists are finding their way into the Muslim community and masking their violence and crime with the blessings of Allah. The Koran points the way to a “better society” that excludes those who don’t believe (infidels). So all those unbelievers are the enemy and the victory must go to Allah no matter what it takes or who it harms in the process.

The fatal attraction is not in some far distant country, it is within the very soul of our cities.

Someone, someday will pen the “Rise and Fall of America” and maybe we have helped him write the final chapter with our tolerance of the silent Muslim community that may very well be a simmering volcano.

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