Award-winning author / Halloween edition

Dear Editor:

I hope you will forgive my imposing. I am an award-winning author writing to introduce my upcoming book, 13: The Story of the World’s Most Popular Superstition, which will be published in hardcover on Halloween by Thunder’s Mouth Press/Avalon and in paperback next year by Plume/Penguin. Kirkus Reviews calls 13 “fast-paced and entertaining.” The UK’s Publishing News calls it “a fascinating read. All 13 chapters of it . . .a book which reveals the power and extent of superstitious belief through the ages.”

13 examines unlucky 13 from 13 perspectives, in 13 chapters, and is cover to cover original research-substantive as well as entertaining. Among the book’s many unique accomplishments are the discovery of the true origin of the Friday the 13th superstition-a long-forgotten, long out-of-print novel published in 1907!-a critical survey of current theories about the origin of 13, and the recovery of a lost piece of the New York’s history-the Thirteen Club, an influential 19th century social club that counted among its members five successive US Presidents and had as its goal the eradication of unlucky 13.

There are also several original 13-related lists in 13, including “Musical 13” (a list of 13 songs and compositions that draw on unlucky 13), “Literary 13” (a list of 13 literary quotations on the 13 superstition, from Tolstoy and Dickens to Douglas Adams and Kurt Vonnegut), and “Cinematic 13” (4 x 13 movies that have to do with unlucky 13). It is my hope that your paper might be interested in doing a feature on 13, perhaps tied to Halloween, or in reviewing the book itself. I would be happy to make the lists, above, available to your paper, and/or make myself available for an interview at the appropriate time.

I would welcome the opportunity to send you more information, including a PDF file of 13 for you to look at. I am confident that you will agree that 13 will appeal to your readership.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.


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