Who is Voting for You?

Are you one of the people who is “unlikely to vote”? By not voting you certainly make some politicians very happy, because that way they don’t need to worry about your concerns. And that makes their campaigns much simpler. Do you realize how much more thought they would have to give to the multitude of issues if they needed to get your vote too? They simply don’t want to work that hard.

Of course the issues most important to those “likely to vote” get the most attention, ironically it doesn’t even matter if their “favorite” candidate wins. Candidates from all backgrounds know it is likely voters they need to appeal to. Because politicians know to be elected they only have to consider the people that do vote. So in the end just by showing up to vote their desires and needs become the focus of policy makers.

So if you want your ideas and concerns to get attention all you have to do is show up and vote. Also, getting other people that share your ideas and concerns to show up magnifies your voice. Make politicians work for you; get out and vote!