Day: October 24, 2004


Bush has weakened our army.

Nobody in the Bush administration wants to take responsibility for their mistakes. All they do is lie. They send our troops to Iraq without enough body armor and with 40 year-old trucks that don’t protect them. They stretch the military thin worldwide and send thousands of 50-plus-year-old reservists over there. […]


flu vaccine shortage…

Dear Editor, Why isn’t the Bush Administration being held accountable for the flu vaccine shortage? All over this country, senior and disabled citizens are standing in lines for hour after hour for a flu shot. Many of them are on respirators, using canes, in wheelchairs, or in pain. Many have […]


Four More Years?

Letter to the Editor FOUR MORE YEARS? Wake up America! If you want four more years of George W. Bush (based on his previous four years), here’s what you can expect: Four more years of uncontrolled spending and trillion-dollar-plus deficits. Four more years of shifting the burden of taxation from […]